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Store owners, drop shippers.. Need products?



Need Products for your store?  Lets work together!

Beast Nantico offers two ways to create income together:

Drop shipping:

Sign up and become a member.


-  1.. Copy & Paste product pictures and descriptions, create your listing and set your price or MSRP), 

    2.. Save and order products from your Inventory list.   3.. After your customer orders, enter your customers address and use your very own discount code at checkout. We handle the rest, you keep the profits!!

- No minimum orders required, and we offer great bulk discounts on our skateboard decks.

    - Great profits on our custom designed skateboard decks. 


Popsicle Deck Only Prices (MSRP $64.99 each + $10 shipping)

$15 per deck up to a minimum of $30+per deck (on bulk orders of 10 pcs, 1 design).


10 to 99 decks____$18.50 Each Deck

100 to 499 decks__$17.00 Each Deck

500 to 999 decks__$16.00 Each Deck

over 1000 decks____$12.00 Each Deck Check or Wire transfer only.

Any 2 different deck designs  20 Decks : $30.00 Each Deck

2 Different Graphics 50 Deck Special No Extra Cost $20 Each Deck

4 Different Graphics 100 Deck Special $20.00


Old School / Mini Cruiser Deck Only Prices

2-9_____$55.00 Each Deck

10-19___$50.00 Each Deck

20-49___$35.00 Each Deck

50-99___$25.00 Each Deck

100 and up ___$20.00 Each Deck

Longboards Deck Only

10-19___$70.00 Each Deck

20-39___$65.00 Each Deck

40-50___$60.00 Each Deck

100 or more ___$45.00 Each Deck 


For more information, Contact us below.


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